Build Your Own Sunroom

Ever wanted a sunroom, but didn't want to pay the big prices that dealers and contractors charge?


That's how I felt. Living on Canada's east coast, our summers are short and sweet, with emphasis on short. We've always enjoyed  barbecuing, dining and just relaxing outside on our deck, but the all-too-short summer season along with frequent rain limited the time we could spend outside. Our homemade sunroom has doubled the season, and made summer rain a non-issue. In addition, those pesky mosquitoes, black flies, wasps and other flying nuisances are kept at bay. Other benefits include patio furniture that's always dry, and a secure lockable space for a lot of the stuff that normally stays outside. As a bonus, it serves as a dry storage area over the winter.

All this for well under $1000! "How'd I do it?", you ask. Well let me tell you. 

I'm no carpenter, but with some basic skills and tools, and careful planning I was able to put together this 8' x 16', 3-season sunroom. 

Here's what it looks like from the outside.

 And here's the inside

Go to Getting Started to see what my deck looked like before.