Build Your Own Sunroom

I never intended my sunroom to be a four season sunroom. But for cool evenings, I decided to install an infrared overhead workshop heater at the top of one side wall. It does a good job of warming people directly in front of it. The advantage of infrared heat is that it is instant - you don't have to wait for it to warm the whole space. The disadvantage is that it is directional, and its warmth decreases the further off to the side you are.

Even with all of the doors open on the 3 glass walls, my sunroom tends to get very warm on sunny summer afternoons. I use a floor fan to make it more comfortable. Also, I still use my patio umbrella inside the sunroom, both for the shade it provides, and a more cozy feel.   

One benefit of a sunroom is the shelter from the wind it provides to doors and windows located inside. In my case, my older garden patio doors off my kitchen were getting drafty, particularly on windy winter days. The sunroom has virtually eliminated this draft, with the result that the inside of the house is more comfortable and easier to heat.

And on cool sunny days, the solar heat that the sunroom generates helps to warm the house inside. That greenhouse effect is especially appreciated on those sunny but cool fall and spring days, when the mid-day sun can easily heat the inside of the sunroom to 2 or 3 times the outdoor temperature.