Build Your Own Sunroom

Over the years since I've built my sunroom I've added a few improvements. One of my first upgrades, although some may argue it's no upgrade at all, was my addition of a small television. I suspended it in a corner just below the ceiling on an adjustable mount, and wired it with cable.

Probably what I consider to be the most significant addition was an outside deck area. It's not huge, just 12' wide x 8' deep, but it's great to be able to open the big 8' wide sliding doors on to this area, and to have seating outside. It's the same height as the original deck where the sunroom is, about 6' off the ground, and is surrounded by trees. It almost doubled my floor space area, part under cover inside my sunroom and part outside. I chose to enclose the deck area with a 4' high fence for privacy purposes, due to my close proximity to the neighbours.

Our chair swing (thanks Costco) is like an outdoor sofa, and makes a great spot for afternoon naps.